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Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest is the author of several astrological bestsellers: "THE INNER SKY", "THE CHANGING SKY", "THE BOOK OF PLUTO", "MEASURING THE NIGHT", Volumes One and Two (with Jeffrey Wolf Green), "SKYMATES" (with Jodie Forrest), and the mystery novel, "STALKING ANUBIS".

His work has been translated into a dozen languages. He travels widely to speak and teach his brand of choice-centered “evolutionary” astrology—an astrology which integrates free will, grounded humanistic psychology and ancient metaphysics. He maintains an active astrological apprenticeship program in California and a busy private practice in his home in California.

He is Chair of the Kepler College Advisory Counsel and a member of the ISAR Ethics Committee.

Sting calls Steven's work "as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic."
Dell Horoscope describes him as "not only a premier astrologer, but also a wise man."

Callie Khouri, who wrote the screenplay for the mega-hit film "Thelma and Louise" praises his "humor, insight, poetry, and astute, articulate observations of human nature."

" O: The Oprah Magazine " describes his philosophy this way: "Forrest's approach . . . stops the blame game in its tracks. . . we're warriors fulfilling our turbulent evolutionary paths."

Steve lives in the Californian desert with his wife, Jodie Forrest and two tyrannical felines.

A few thoughts from Steven on the Workshop in Bali.... 
Evelyn Roberts’ “Astrology in Bali” program is pure magic. I’d never been to Asia before, so I was a little nervous at the idea of living and teaching in such a totally foreign environment. I needn’t have been. Everything ran very smoothly. The people were completely wonderful. The environment felt totally safe and secure. I know that Evelyn has a fine roster of programs ahead.. I absolutely recommend that anyone interested in combining deep astrological learning with a very cool adventure consider signing up for one. I can’t wait to come back myself!


"The Inner Sky"
by Steven Forrest

Published to almost immediate critical acclaim. Assuming intelligence, motivation and ignorance of the subject on the reader's part, the book introduces all the astrological basics--signs, planets, houses, aspects--and pulls them together in a strategy for synthesis.
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Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.