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Lynn Bell

"Bali is a land of dreams. Evelyn's dream, of bringing people from all over the world to do quality work in astrology, came together in this protected space with its gracious people. Steve and I were lucky to be part of it. From the very beginning there was a sense of something special taking place, both in the work and the harmony of the group. It is rare to have an opportunity to work so deeply, to have time to develop ideas day after day, and at the same time step out into the magic of Bali, the rice fields, and the temples, the dances and ceremonies. To have a local Balinese come to your house for a morning massage, after your breakfast of fresh mango and papaya, or to wander among the shops, or take an afternoon for a beach trip, are also part of the pleasures of the time here. I felt nourished on many levels for months after my time in Bali. It seems far away, but it is an unforgettable experience, more than worth the hours of travel. A gift for all of us, participants and teachers alike. I'm looking forward to coming back."


 Nick Campion

"The Heaven and Earth workshop at Church Stretton had everything: intellectual stimulation, great conversation, convivial company, superb organization, fantastic accommodation, beautiful countryside and, courtesy of the organizers, I am sure, wonderful weather. I couldn’t work out whether I was on Earth or in Heaven. I think it must have been both!"

Caroline W. Casey
"To journey to Bali, whose culture is a living art-form of dynamic infinitely nuanced animism,is one of life's great opportunities... And to study astrology there (or any related spiritual discipline) the beautiful language of animated kinship,  makes the journey a party with a purpose. And to have the luxury of Evelyn as a guide is like being given flippers to translate us into the sea.
And I LOVE Melati Cottages - the rustic Balinese paradisical venue, that I am so grateful Evelyn has scouted. My room there will live perpetually in my heart as a soul refuge. There were actual geckos on the carved geckos on the door to my room - the first night. Way cool. Art is animated in infinitely charming ways. Ah, life, color, adventure with serene safety, ancient beauty, modern complexity, mythologies of light and shadow - and convivial companions - this is real wealth."



 Brian Clark

Bali is my Neverland. Never can be a charmed state when we find ourselves in the midst of a place we thought we’d never be. Then something magical and extraordinary can occur. And it did. Like Bali, Neverlands were mostly islands where time seemed to stop, animated by the imagination and brought to life by how much we were prepared to be enchanted. The real world faded quickly as I left the customs hall and the bustling city of Denpasar and its nearby tourist strip behind me; a veil opened onto a landscape of iridescent green hills, rice paddies and villages of life. After three days I felt absorbed by this blessed setting and rather than just looking at this special place, I experienced being a part of it.

What lingers still is the immersion in the sacredness of everyday ife. Daily life is sanctified and everywhere there were reminders of this. I experienced the moving rituals of honouring the dead which were occurring around us in the village of Penestanan, as well as visiting temples which will always be a cherished memory. Walking through the walled lanes of the village felt like an ancient philosophers’ walk and at night the paths through the rice fields lit by the Southern Cross were enchanted.

Thanks to Evelyn Roberts, who as muse invited me to participate in her Heaven and Earth seminar series in Bali. In the captivating atmosphere of rural Bali, Evelyn has created a special space for workshop participants to come and experience another way of being with astrology and there is so much to appreciate in and out of seminar time. Evelyn is masterful at creating the space and heartfully invites you into it. Working
with Melanie Reinhart and the wonderful group of people that came from all over the world was not only delightful, but deeply moving. Grateful that I was invited in, I felt the magic and the wonder which reminded me once again of the majesty and mystery of life.

Darby Costello

"Emerging from London’s winter, the memory of November last year in Bali is still so sweet. The dewis we bought there and brought back sway over our heads, infusing our home with an exotic dimension it did not have before. What a unique group of people came together during those nine days in November! For me, personally, teaching with Rick wove new colour and texture into the way I teach here in England and Europe. Getting to know new people during those hot and beautiful days, and continuing conversations with them since then, has brought new friendships into my life – an unexpected gift of the days there. We have all come away with our astrology deepened and our hearts expanded. Evelyn has created a unique and precious container and she attends it and the people who enter it with wonderful grace. The Balinese people – and especially those close to her (the wondrous Ilhu and Wayan, Nyoman and Lolly) gave us such care and joyful attention that we will never forget them. Magic happens in the vessel that Evelyn has built in Bali. Amazing gift!"

Steven Forrest

"Evelyn Roberts’ “Heaven and Earth ” program is pure magic. I’d never been to Asia before, so I was a little nervous at the idea of living and teaching in such a totally foreign environment. I needn’t have been. Everything ran very smoothly. The people were completely wonderful. The environment felt totally safe and secure. I know that Evelyn has a fine roster of programs ahead.. I absolutely recommend that anyone interested in combining deep astrological learning with a very cool adventure consider signing up for one. I can’t wait to come back myself!"


Rob Hand

"The Heaven and Earth conference at Church Stretton was a great experience. The location near the Welsh border was beautiful and most conducive to the conference. However, what was most wonderful for me is the way that the conference was organized so that all of the speakers could interact with each other as well as with the participants. And there was plenty of both! We were able to share our deepest thoughts and ideas about astrology with everyone there, to get feedback, and to develop our thoughts further. In this way the Heaven and Earth conference was not only a growth experience for the participants but for the speakers as well, and the participants were enabled to watch a process of development in action and not just to see the end results."

Jeff Jawer

"Heaven and Earth is a paradise of beauty, mind and spirit. Evelyn Roberts, who embodies all three, creates a nurturing environment for opening head and heart in one of the most welcoming places on the planet. There is no conflict between intellect and sensual indulgence as brain and body dance in harmony that engenders learning and leisure. This is the very best astrology has to offer, and you deserve it."



Rick Levine

"Leading the Initiation Into Astrology was certainly a highlight of my life. It was truly a privilege to be able to teach in such a magical place. Instead of spending the time in a rigid classroom setting, we were in an amazing meditation hall that was wide open to the surrounding rice paddies. I went there to work with students and seekers interested in learning more about themselves through experiential astrology, but was actually transformed myself. This teacher was taught by the students in their processes, the land of Bali itself, and the heart of the local people. The integration of temple dances, rituals, and sight-seeing made this into a truly unforgettable experience. And, the best part is that I get to come back and facilitate another initiation! I cannot wait!"


Michael Lutin

After one whole quart of brandy
Like a daisy, I'm awake
With no Bromo-Seltzer handy
I don't even shake

This is  not a new sensation
I've done pretty well I think
But Ms Roberts'  invitation
Put me on the blink

I'm wild again, beguiled again
A simpering, whimpering child again
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I

I cannot sleep, I will not sleep
Cause Bali has told me, I shouldn't sleep
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I

Lost my heart, but what of it
when the story's told, you'll agree
You  can laugh, but I love it
Although the laugh's on me,

  I've sinned a lot, I'm mean a lot
Now  I feel like I'm  seventeen a lot
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I

I can't eat, I'm  dispeptic
Life is  so hard to bear
Now my heart's antiseptic
Since I left there

I'm wild again, beguiled again
A simpering, whimpering child again
Bewitched, bothered and totally Bali-ed out beyond what I ever dreamed could happen
- am I

Tad Mann
"Teaching in Bali was an experience I will always remember for a multitude of reasons — the teaching space amongst the rice fields was highly inspiring, Evelyn’s organization was faultless, the silent and beautiful mornings with tropical fruit breakfasts, the sounds and smells of living amidst a totally natural life, the proximity of Ubud and its beautiful arts and crafts, the delicious food available in every direction and the friendly presence of the smiling Balinese people and especially Ilhu. The cultural mix of students was diverse and profound and the younger assistants were a treat to get to know and work with, and to start off days with early yoga made a huge difference for me. It was also a pleasure to get to know Juliet Sharman more fully and to come to understand her work. I felt welcomed, well looked-after, pampered and will always thank the lovely Evelyn for this wonderful adventure. And one of the highlights of the entire time was our journey to the temple of Borobudur in Java, which showed us how beautiful and profound Buddhist architecture can be. It was perfect way to end our time in paradise."

Melanie Reinhart

‘Mimpi jadi konyata an’ ….. were the first words of Indonesian that I learned in Bali, meaning ‘A Dream Come True’. My experience with Heaven and Earth Workshops, under the skilled and creative guidance of Evelyn, was indeed just that. The venue is ideal - a beautiful open-sided ‘Wantilan’ or traditional meeting hall, with exquisite teak floors - and Melati Cottages immediately felt like a ‘home away from home’. How delightful it was to share this with a group of such lovely people, brought together by their passion for astrology, and to have the privilege of working together with Steven Forrest, pooling ideas and sharing knowledge. We had such fun! The Bali experience has become a rich kaleidoscope in memory ... of soft flowing waters, emerald green rice fields, gentle refined people, gongs and drums marking day and night. Of grace, beauty, colour and artistry. And fragrant flowers growing absolutely everywhere, reflecting the ambiance of gratitude and devotion which characterises the spiritual orientation of the Balinese people. The veil between the worlds seems very thin in Bali, offering access to the subtle realms which nourish the soul, bringing relief and deep healing to mind and body.



Juliet Sharman-Burke
"The Bali workshop was a little slice of magic - a really wonderful place to be and to teach.  Evelyn organised everything so beautifully and gracefully  that everyone felt welcomed and cherished ; I certainly could not have enjoyed it more. All the members of the group were lovely and contributed their experiences very generously.  There cannot be a nicer place to teach and learn than the hall at Melati with its gorgeous view of rice fields and banana trees. The teaching setting was perfectly supported by the  stunning surroundings, and the lovely Balinese people who were so kind and charming. Outside the workshop there is  a wealth of things to do, see and explore all of which makes Heaven and Earth  a unique and amazing experience. It was so well worth the journey to get there and I thoroughly recommend it - in fact I would be  back on the plane in a minute if I could! Thank you Evelyn - it was perfect! "

Richard Tarnas

"Bali is in every sense an enchanted land--its lush beauty and warmth, its smiling heartful people so devoted to art and ritual, the pervasive atmosphere of realities beyond the narrow vision of modernity. To explore astrology in such a place is a blessing. And Evelyn organizes everything with loving care. The ten days are pretty much all pleasure and learning. Walking through the beautiful rice terraces, visiting the temples, rafting through deep green Eden-like canyons, cycling down the long gradual volcano slope through villages and countryside, dipping in the swimming pool to cool off from the tropical warmth, enjoying the elegant dinners, the night-time fire dance ritual, the exquisite Balinese dancers: it is an unforgettable experience."


Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.