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Rob Hand

Robert Hand began his work in astrology at the age of 17. Rob learned the basics of casting charts for these applications from his father, Wilfred Hand, who successfully applied the astrological techniques of his day to forecasting the stock market. Rob is an honor graduate from Brandeis University, with honors in history, and went on for graduate work in the History of Science at Princeton. Rob began an astrology practice in 1972 and as success came, he began traveling world wide as a full time professional astrologer.

Robert Hand was known in his early career as the first practicing astrologer to write astrology programs for microcomputers so that the benefits of computers would be available to astrologers. From this effort, he founded Astro-Graphics Services in 1979, which later became Astrolabe, Inc.

In his professional practice Rob uses tropical, heliocentric, sidereal, uranian, cosmobiological and in mundo techniques with ancient and mediaeval methods now being uncovered and translated. In 1997 Rob established a formal archive, library and publishing company for continuing his lifelong work in the history and science of astrology ... ARHAT.

Robert Hand's Library now houses the original texts and translations of over two dozen ancient and medieval astrologers. His books to date include: Planets in Transit:Life Cycles for Living, Planets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships, Planets in Youth: Patterns of Early Development, Essays on Astrology and Night and Day: Planetary Sect in Astrology.

Robert Hand is a former chairman of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He is a member of AFAN, ISAR, and is a patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Rob lectures in conferences, seminars and workshops worldwide. Robert Hand offers professional astrological services to astrologers and the general public.

He can be reached at ARHAT  703-758-7150  USA




MEIRA EPSTEIN Translator, with annotations by MEIRA EPSTEIN and ROBERT HAND

Ibn Ezra: The Book of Nativities and Revolutions
$24.95 US  ISBN: 978-1-934464-01-4
Translated from the Original Hebrew

(From the translator’s introduction) Rabbi Avraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra (1089-1164) was a renowned Jewish scholar, whose accomplish-ments and prolific writing encompassed Biblical exegeses, Hebrew grammar, personal, national and liturgical poetry, philosophy, mathematics, geometry, astronomy and astrology.
    Ibn Ezra was born in Tudela, Spain, but spent most of his adult life wandering throughout the Jewish communities in southern Spain, North Africa, Italy, France and England. It was Italy and France (about 1140 – 1160) where he wrote his astrological works.

The Book of Nativities and Revolutions (Sefer Ha’Moladot)  is the third publication in the series of English translations of Avraham Ibn Ezra’s astrological works. The other two are The Beginning of Wisdom (Reshit Hokhma), ARHAT 1998, and The Book of Reasons (Sefer Ha’Te’amim), 1994 (soon to be re-issued in a revised edition by ARHAT). Together, these three, written by Ibn Ezra in this sequence, make one integral body of the basic astrological doctrine: Introduction of fundamentals, further theoretical explanations and the application to the individual birth chart.

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This book covers complete delineations of all the major transits - conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition - that occur between transiting Sun, Moon and all planets to each planet in the natal chart and the Ascendant and Midheaven, as well as complete delineations of each planet transiting each house of the natal chart. These 720 lucid delineations are full of insight for both the professional astrologer and the beginner.

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Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.