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Participant Testimonials

"Bali is a place of magic, a place where astrology finds a new voice. What better a place to learn about the cosmos and our place in it? I had a grand time here, meeting the most lovely people, friendships I hope to last for quite some time. Thank you Evelyn for your courage to make this educational space and time a reality!"
Ondrea Dauser, Chicago - USA

"It was a magical time for all of us. The site for the meetings was in close proximity to the town of Ubud which was great for music, shopping and restaurants. The people of Bali are so lovely to be around. Many of us want to come back. The teachers were awesome and the content very relevant to our times."
Natalie Hoogsian, San Francisco

"Thank you, Evelyn, for all the love and care you put in to make this such a special experience. I am still just glowing from my time in Bali. I keep telling everyone it could only have been better if it had somehow involved winning the lottery. The whole experience and the group was so sweet, so galvanizing, and so beautiful.
I can't wait to return."
Delia Schragel-USA

"Heaven and Earth in Bali turned out to be one of the most fun and memorable learning experiences I have ever had. I was presented with fantastic content and I learned so much about how to approach a chart. I loved every minute and met the nicest people ever. Bali is spectacular and the Balinese people are warm and friendly in every way. I will definitely be going back for more Heaven and Earth."
Joni Millan, Las Vegas USA

"Heaven and Earth was a life changing experience! It was magical in every way. The knowledge that Rick and Evelyn shared with our group was invaluable. It was presented in a way that was suitable for the novice as well as the expert astrologer. And where better to learn about such a fascinating field then in the beauty and splendor of Bali! I fell in love with the island, the people and the culture. I can't wait to attend again in 2008. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone, whether the intent is use the information professionally or personally.
The world does have a heart and I found it in Bali!!"
Wendy- California, USA

"What an amazing experience to be in Bali up in the hills away from all the potential 'hotspots' surrounded by like minded souls amidst beautiful aromatic tropical plants, eating delicious food and in the presence of teachers who are gifted, passionate, and very available to all attending this wonderful event. Experiencing new possibilities in astrology,expanding knowledge and 'stepping in to new horizons' was nothing short of Bali bliss. This is definitely a not to be missed experience for the adventuring astrologer."
Carole Gregson - Melbourne Australia

"It was something quite special to be in the midst of fellows in a tropical paradise for nine full days being guided by two of my favourite astrologers Lynn Bell and Steven Forrest. The space is perfect and I loved that you could lie back on cushions or sit up and behold the peace of the rice fields surrounding. I had an amazing experience, met and am in touch with a whole new group of Astrologers. Many thanks."
Peta - Sydney, Australia

"The workshop was the most valuable experience of my life thus far. Heaven and Earth was a soulful gathering of like minds which allowed for much healing and transformation. I have been blessed by this group and forever changed by the fluidity of Bali."
Alicia Jerashen, USA

"Hi All, many thanks to everyone for their good wishes and the same to all of you fellow-travellers in your many lands. And thanks for wonderful photos sent by some of you, and added to the Blog by Alicia and to the original site. They help keep the daydreams floating in my mind although I don't need much help to keep picturing the Bali greens, the people and our daily gathering in the 'temple' of learning. What a grand experience. It is a special island and even though I drive the coast road along the north shore of Maui almost daily, Bali sits deep in my heart, as do my memories of the happy crowd at Melati. Everyone seemed to become 'lighter' as the days progressed to our final blow-out at Indus. Maybe it was partly due to the constant detoxifying sweat we all shared in the sauna-like climate!"
Cheers to All,
Judy (Gray-Iaukea) USA

"The workshop was excellent. Well beyond my expectations and well worth every effort I made to be there. Please keep up the good work and thanks once again to wonderful SuperEvelyn for bringing together Lynn & Steven, their knowledge, experience and inspiration. I loved to be there and will make every effort to be there again next time!"
Olga Lucía Toro - Colombia

"This workshop was a journey within a journey! Not only did we explore a new land laden with exotic experiences, but we also explored our inner realm with eyes of the astrological observer. If you want a journey that takes you far away both metaphorically and culturally, this is it! By steeping you in a land rich in love, kindness and patience, your mind is free to explore your inner self with a new clarity. I have learned more than new astrology techniques and ideas, I have learned to hold the kindness of the Balinese in my heart and mind which has helped me navigate the stresses of American life with more kindness and love."
Kelly Smith "Keiligh" of Phoenix, Arizona

"Going to Bali for an astrological conference is about so much more than the astrology. The opportunity to experience Bali life and culture and be with the Balinese people will change you and you will leave enriched with your heart expanded and with gratitude for this experience. If there is a choice, I recommend the experience of renting a little house in the ricefields-you might give up some conveniences that a hotel offers but that is small compared to what you can gain by your interactions with everyone. So, if the conference subject rings your chimes, consider that simply the bait."
Judy Walden-Bell; Evolutionary Astrologer: Melbourne, Florida

"Heaven and Earth Workshops is a fertile life experience of the planets and all their depths from the Sun to Pluto, not just in the workshop but in the life forces of Bali. It touches your cellular memory into ancient times and human history as the planetary cycles unfolded throughout the ages. It is a paradise with a strong and intense message. You will learn far beyond what you are conscious of now just breathing its air, and hearing all the life around you. It is the most powerful setting I have experienced for a workshop and it works hand in hand with the workshop speakers to unfold the meaning of the cosmos into your consciousness. A profound experience. It is a microcosum of life on earth, a tapestry with all its beauty, magic, transformative powers and mystery. You will be touched much deeper in Bali than you can imagine. Astrology in Bali is a great and powerful experience which is a true gift of freedom and opportunity to experience. I will be returning in the fall for the Nov conference. Hope to see you there."
Debra C, USA


Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.