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Michael Lutin

Michael Lutin has a thriving private practice in astrology and counseling. His background includes, amongst myriad things; a Phi Beta Kappa at Trinity; special studies in French language at Harvard and he began a PhD program at Yale. He is the Ambassador to Earth and a Certified Member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, New York Chapter, a member San Diego Astrology Society, ISAR, and AFAN and of the International Society for Communicative Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.

He is known worldwide as the astrology columnist for Vanity Fair as well as Vogue Germany, Japan and Korea. The author of four books on astrology, Michael is also renowned for such stirring evening presentations as "Saturday Night at the End of the World in Cleveland" and "My Mother Smoked During Pregnancy". He is both (in) famous and beloved in the astrological world for his powerfully insightful work, coupled with his side-splitting, razor sharp humor. Consequently, besides being highly respected by his colleagues, readers and students for his professionalism and knowledge; he is also a highly sought after celebrity and performer (if we're lucky) at any conference or event he graces with his presence.

As a man of many brilliant words when it comes to his work, he is of equally few when it comes to himself. Here in his own poetic form is an abbreviated description of his journey into being one of the truly great astrologers in the field...

bought a book
thought it was accurate
thought it was crazy
bought another book
blown away
continued to study feverishly on my own
then did friends and family
then one day a friend referred two people.
then I started doing it.
got training in psychology
and eventually just couldn't get out.
and the rest,
as they say..........

Michael wrote the astrology column "American Way" (the in-flight publication of American Airlines) for many years. He is also the author of 4 books, "Made in Heaven: The Astrology of Why the People You're Attracted to Eventually Drive You Crazy and What You Can Do About It ", "Saturn Signs: From Fear to Success", "Childhood Rising: The Astrology of Your Mother, Father and You," and "Sunshines: the Astrology of Being Happy"- a book on the Nodes of the Moon published by Simon and Schuster. He is also the author of the book and lyrics for 4 musicals: "Pardon My Pluto," "I was Nostradamus' Girlfriend," "Alien Follies," and "What God Says Goes." He lectures and performs one-man shows around the country as well as being a playwright. When he is not in Southern California or Paris, he is busy at work performing "cosmic brain surgery" on clients in his New York office. He loves chocolate.


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Published by Simon and Schuster

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" Michael Lutin is the Mick Jagger of astrology."
-- Nancy Imperiale, The Orlando Sentinel

" I never read a Michael Lutin horoscope that I don't laugh and slap my knee, and say, 'By golly, that sounds exactly like what's happening to old Aquarius!'Mr. Lutin may be starstruck, but he can write and has a wicked intuition and a wicked wit. He almost makes me a believer!"
-- Liz Smith, syndicated columnist

" Intriguing, lively, and deliciously original, everyone knows Michael Lutin is the astrologer of his generation. Now he's almost made me happy to be a Capricorn."
-- Anita Gates, theater critic

" Just as you're laughing merrily along, zing! A revelation hits you from out of nowhere. This book is full of surprises. Not only are sun signs elucidated in Lutin's inimitable style, but . . . obsessions can be healed and destinies fulfilled."
-- Glenn Perry, Ph.D., director, Academy of Astro Psychology


Made in Heaven: The Astrology of Why the People You're Attracted to Eventually Drive You Crazy and What You Can Do About It
If you are single, married, divorced, widowed, or have just been acquitted: This book is dedicated to anyone who's ever been in love and lived through it! Here's a great way to find Mr. or Ms. Right -- and the answer is in the stars. Made in Heaven unlocks the mystery of why you find yourself drawn time and again to the same types of individuals, and explains the role your zodiac sign plays in your endless quest for a perfect relationship. Michael Lutin, whose wise and witty horoscopes have been gracing the pages of "Vanity Fair" every month and whose words have been found in every American Airlines plane in the world, will point you on the way to lasting happiness and fulfillment with your partner, as he details, for all twelve signs, the magnets that keep you pulled into relationships time and again.

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Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.