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The location we have chosen for the workshop in Goa is in Colomb, right between the 2 better known beaches, Palolem and Patnem.




One of the reasons Goa is so charming is that they are not permitted to build permanent structures close to the beach, and they get dismantled every year for the monsoon season (May until October). The resultant "beach-huts" range between super cheap and simple to blissful and beautiful, and completely luxurious in a rustic kind of way. However very close to the workshop venue is the only 5-Star hotel on that coast-line, the Intercontinental.

Because of the great variance in our attendees' needs, expectations and financial situations, we have scouted out several different accommodation options.


Bhakti Kutir This magical spot is where we will hold the 1st half of the workshop, and our group has been allotted a certain number of rooms. These rooms will be given on a 1st come basis, shared occupancy. Most are beautiful huts, no two alike, all fashioned from local materials like rice straw, bamboo and mud. Each hut is 100% eco friendly and built entirely of natural materials, (and there is one beautiful wooden house), and each and every one is in a beautiful garden setting. Not all rooms have running hot water (there are showers), but on demand huge buckets of steaming hot water are brought to your room.


Participants staying on the shared occupancy option will have a fully inclusive package with accommodation, 2 meals a day, plus all of the afternoon additional activities. Rooms will be given on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

*** There is also a wonderful school at Bhakti Kutir, for anyone wishing to bring their children. Please contact the hotel directly for details on the costs, etc.



For those who are happier with all western amenities (and concrete walls!), the Intercontinental is a mere 6 minute drive away, and a lovely 20 minute walk along the beach (except at high tide). I checked it out personally and it is very beautiful, with all modern amenities and a golf course, I have no qualms about sending even my most environment - sensitive participants there. The prices are on a par with the west, with several different standards of room. Please check the website for more information. We will easily be able to arrange daily transportation to and from the workshop venue.

These hotel is always fully booked, so we highly recommend that you book immediately if you would like to stay here.


* And at a "western sensitivity" standard between Bhakti Kutir and the Intercontinental is the Marron Beach Resort, literally a 2 minute walk from the workshop venue, this luxury beach hut (all wooden with glass windows), is right on the beach at the far south (quieter) end of Palolem Beach. Easy access to all that Palolem has to offer, restaurants, bars, swimming, and the best people watching on the planet. This may be the perfect spot for those looking for something slightly more western than Bhakti Kutir, and much more in the central hub of Goan beach-life.




We have tailored this trip so there is plenty of free time for relaxation, contemplation and personal exploration. Besides what we offer in the packages, there are several other reasonably priced side trips available for those seeking more activities during their time in Goa, especially if people decide to arrive early or plan to spend extra time at the end of the workshop.

The Churches of Old Goa - If you are an architectural/history buff it is just over an hour car drive from Palolem to view these beautiful old colonial era Portuguese churches.



Cabo de Rama Fort- An old Portuguese fortress, well worth an afternoon's visit. About 15km from Palolem.

Turtle Beach - About a 15 minute drive south of Palolem is this exquisite pristine white sand beach, beautifully preserved because of the rare turtles nesting there. There are a couple of fabulous, cheap beach restaurants and very few people. Another lovely spot to spend an afternoon.

An added bonus in this particular area of India are the Ayurvedic treatments available, and there is an excellent center in Bhakti Khutir. This is a sample of the treatments they currently offer, although prices (and exchange rates!) are subject to change.

Ayurvedic Treatments





The location we have chosen for the workshop in Karnataka is in Sanapur, set in a serene and convenient location for visiting both the ancient city of Hampi and the magical kingdom of Kishkinda.




Our hotel and workshop venue in Karnataka is Gowri Resort. Another simple but delightful hotel, owned locally and built out of local materials.



The main highlights in this area are the Ancient City and the Magical Kingdom, which we will be exploring as a group. There will also be some free time for shopping and hiking.




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Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.