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Demetra George

Demetra George, M.A. Classics, received the 2002 Marion D. March Regulus Award for Theory and Understanding. She began her studies in astrology in 1971, and specialized in archetypal mythology for the first twenty-five years of her practice.

In her pioneering classic, Asteroid Goddesses (1986, revised edition 2003), she explored the mythology, psychology, and astrology of the re-emerging feminine through the entrance of four goddess-named asteroids into the astrological pantheon. With Douglas Bloch she co-authored Astrology For Yourself (1987), the all-time favorite of both beginning students and teachers alike as a programmed text for learning astrology through a hands on interactive study of one’s own chart. In Mysteries of the Dark Moon (1992) and Finding Our Way through the Dark (1994), she delved into the teachings of the lunar phases and healing power of the dark goddess while transiting Pluto made five passes in aspect to her natal Mercury.

In 1997 Demetra returned to graduate school and earned an M.A. degree in Classics at the University of Oregon in 2000, where she learned to read ancient Greek and Latin. While on the faculty of Kepler College (2000-2006), she developed courses in the history of ancient and medieval astrology, ancient philosophy and religion, taught the techniques of Hellenistic astrology, as well as classes in mythology, counseling. She also taught the ancient Greek language guiding her students through parallel readings in the New Testament and in the primary source astrological texts of that period.

Demetra lectures internationally, having traveled many times to Australia, Mexico, England, Germany, Denmark, and Canada, as well as all over the United States, giving seminars, workshops, and conference presentations. Demetra has been leading pilgrimages to the sacred sites in the Mediterranean, especially Greece, since 1992, and is the co-director, along with Dennis Harness, of Ancient Oracle Tours, Inc. www.ancientoracletours.com.

Currently she is translating a corpus of hermetic medical astrological texts from ancient Greek; is an associate of Project Hindsight in the translation, reconstruction, and dissemination of ancient Hellenistic astrology; and takes individual students for private instruction in chart delineation and synthesis, archetypal and mythic asteroid astrology, and Hellenistic techniques. She is in the process of writing several new books.


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