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Darby Costello

Darby Costello studied psychology, philosophy and theology in America in the mid 1960s, and during the late 60's began to study astrology in Boston, first with Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker and then with Isabel Hickey. She then went to South Africa where she worked in a small museum dedicated to educating people to the richness of the indiginous cultures. For seven years she lived and worked with sangomas, the shamans and healers of southern Africa. Building her own astrological practice while immersed in this work opened up conversations with the sangomas that would have been otherwise inconceivable.

In 1983 she left Africa and came to England, settling in London, she sought out an historical and contemporary astrological community. She found it and has been a significant part of the weaving of this community for the last 22 years.

In the late 1980s she belonged to a Latin Translation Group, started by Graeme Tobin of the Company of Astrologers. During the seven years they worked together, they translated astrological texts from such authors as Guido Bonatti (13th c.), Marsilio Ficino (15th c.), Luca Gauricus (16th c.) Jean-Baptiste Morin and Johannes Kepler (16-17th c.) D

During this period she also built up an astrological clientele and began her teaching career. She is Senior Tutor at Liz Greene's Centre for Psychological Astrology where she has been teaching since 1988 . She has been a regular visiting tutor at the Faculty for Astrological Studies in London as well as at the Faculty Summer School in Oxford since the early 90's. She teaches in astrology schools all over Europe, and has spoken at several major conferences in the USA. She is highly respected world-wide and much loved by her colleagues, clients and students.

In the mid 1990s she began writing and published several books in a few years. The first was in 1995, a Dorling Kindersley pocket book, co-authored with Lindsay Radermacher, called Astrology. The next four were written for the Centre for Psychological Astrology Press, begun by Liz Greene in 1995:

The Astrological Moon CPA Press: 1996

Water and Fire CPA Press: 1998

Earth and Air CPA Press: 1999

The Mars Quartet was published in 2001 and was co-authored with Lynn Bell, Liz Greene and Melanie Reinhardt.

Read an interview with Darby Costello from The Mountain Astrologer, published in April 2004.

Darby's love of scholarship has grown deeper over the years. She completed her studies in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, at Bath Spa University, in 2006 and now holds a Master's Degree in that subject.

With all these delightful activities, her consultation practice is still the very heart of her life as an astrologer. It is a daily source of nourishment and through the astrologer's lens of planetary configurations, the wide sweep of historical currents are brought right into the personal realms of emotions and soul life. She says, "Nearly every day - for the last 35 years, people have come into my room with their charts. In doing so, they have given me the keys to their inner world; invited me in. I have taken the keys and accepted the invitation. Every chart reveals a singular and unique world, animated by passion, practical realities, ideas and dreams. As the astrologer I am asked to observe the sky and give navigational advice on various parts of their journey. It is such a privilege."



"The Mars Quartet"
Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red Planet
by Lynn Bell, Darby Costello,
Liz Greene & Melanie Reinhart

The four seminars in this volume reveal the many facets of one of the most misunderstood of astrological symbols. In the present world climate, it is particularly important, perhaps even urgent, that we have a better grasp of this most instinctive and fundamental human urge.
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The Astrological Moon
by Darby Costello

In the two seminars contained in this book, Darby explores the Moon in its relationship to the natal Sun; and the progressed Moon, by sign and house, as it describes the unfolding of our emotional life which leads us to the awakening of our souls. She also traces the cycle of the progressed Moon as it interweaves with the Saturn cycle, marking moments where crisis and change become gateways to new dimensions of experience. These gateways bring past and future together, and provide openings to the points of intersection between time and eternity that dwell in each of us.

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