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Cat Cox first studied astrology with Sue Tompkins in the astrologically dynamic culture of early 1980s London. She has now been working as a professional astrologer for over 15 years. On becoming a Faculty Diploma holder in the mid-1990s she set up her professional practice and began teaching and running courses and groups. She currently practices in London working with a wonderfully diverse range of clients and the multiplicity of issues they bring. She continues to run her own private groups, workshops and courses which weave together teaching, experiential and participative approaches to exploring the symbols and the chart.

In 2006 Cat returned to Faculty of Astrological Studies to teach. She is a member of the Faculty Council and has held the role of Vice President since 2012. She is the Head Tutor for the school in a role which provides leadership and support to the inspiring team of Faculty tutors. She teaches annually at the Oxford Summer School, in the London classes and by Distance Learning. She also speaks regularly at UK groups and conferences including the Quest Conference, the Astrological Association of GB annual conference and Astrological Lodge of London.

Her love of teaching is a fundamental part of Cat’s astrological work. Earlier teaching experiences inspired and informed her astrological teaching practice. She taught English as a foreign language in Japan during extensive travels throughout Asia in the 1980s, and then taught courses on ecofeminism and women’s spirituality for the University of London following feminist environmental activism in the early 1990s.

Cat’s approach to astrology has been influenced by a long standing relationship with the Western Mystery Tradition and women’s spirituality which she connected with in the early 1990s. She has travelled through modern, traditional (horary) and academic approaches to the art. In 2007 she graduated from Bath Spa University with the Masters Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology which has enriched and expanded her philosophical approach to her work. She is interested in exploring astrology from a magical perspective, reweaving the links between magical approaches and astrological practice in how we work with symbols and charts and in how we understand and inhabit the cosmological frameworks of our art. Over the years Cat has come to view her practice of astrology as a spiritual practice and loves to share this perspective with students and practitioners alike.

For more information about Cat please go to her website: www.starpractice.com

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