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An 11-day Astrology workshop and cultural experience in India
Caroline Casey
Palolem, Goa, & Hampi & Kishkinda, Karnataka, India

January 14 - 26, 2018

"India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only." - Mark Twain


Join Astrology's very own beloved Caroline Casey for a glorious journey into two of the loveliest, most mystical parts of India.

This will be part magical trickster journey through Astrology, with Caroline as guide, and part pilgrimage into the heart of some of the most fascinating areas of India. There will be ample classroom time for delving into Astrology, as well as many mystical experiences of India herself.


Our time together will be an unfolding journey: from the idyllic, palm-fringed coast of Goa, with its golden beaches and gentle Arabian Sea, to the magnificent ruins of Hampi, and the legendary Kingdom of Kishkinda, with its unearthly boulder-strewn terrain, jade-green palm groves, banana plantations, and lush paddy fields.


Come prepared to be surprised, amazed, delighted, challenged, moved and enlightened...

Co-operators are standing by!

Averting Dis-aster ("against the stars") by gathering to "Consider" (with the stars).

Long before there were humans - there was Trickster, who with a bolt of sizzling lightning sets the whole shebang going, sizzles through time and space, through flora and fauna, into each one of our psyches, awaiting invitational animation - now!

Journeying through inquisitions and imprisoning orthodoxies, it has become an ingenious escapade artist.


Jupiter trine Neptune

Syncretism is a Sacrament: Astrology guides us to invite the Hindu pantheon to cavort with Taoism, the Quabbala, Aikido, Alchemy, Egyptian Mysteries, that we may honor and cultivate each planet, as a living Intelligence, and bring ancient wisdom alive in a fresh vernacular, that we may each embody within our unique selves.

We magnetize, animate, cultivate our considerable Medicines to contribute to the world at this Time of Dire Beauty.

So in this Council we honour and cultivate each planet, (and Chiron, Ceres, and smattering of asteroids) that we may be its liberating agent in the collective.

Syncretism is a Sacrament Citizen Trickster’s

Guiding Wisdom Traditions of Animistic Activism


Language grants us access to the realm it describes - if we can speak of it we can journey there. Astrology, as a language of each of our individual psyche’s relationship to the collective, rises to its greatest role, proffering guidance so that humans may rejoin the choreography of creation.



"If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have
found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of
existence, it is India." — Romain Rolland


Goa & Hampi: the perfect locations for our workshop – with their rich history, diverse culture and beautiful landscapes will be a colourful backdrop for the work we are doing, inspiring you to tap into your own creativity and develop skills at reading charts with imagination and confidence.

We do want to be clear that this workshop is as much an experience of India as anything else. The locations we have chosen are comfortable, clean, and safe, while at the same being traditional and simple. We will be stepping into the heart of India, and it will be our job to adapt to her, not the other way around.

This will be Heaven and Earth's 5th workshop in India, and we have spent many years finding the best locations, the most reliable people to work with, (safest drivers, best tailors, fairest places to shop.)

If you feel you cannot adapt to such an environment, then you may of course still attend, but we recommend that you sign up for the "tuition only" package, and we can advise you about where else to stay. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

In Colomb, Goa, our hotel is Bhakti Kutir

In Sanapur, Karnataka, our hotel is Gowri Resort


What you will need

All levels of astrological knowledge and dedication are welcome. There may well be professional astrologers as well as beings at all levels attending, from beginner to life-long dedication. For all, especially those unfamiliar, we highly recommend an astrological reading with Caroline before our journey.

If you have any questions about the course, or about any other aspect of the work we will be doing, please feel free to contact Caroline.





Dates: January 14th - 26th, 2018

Everyone is required to arrive on Sunday, January 14th, so there will be time for acclimating and recovering from jet-lag (this night's accommodation is part of the Bhakti Kutir package).

Daily Schedule

7:30 am - 8:30 am - Buffet Breakfast for Bhakti Kutir residents.

8:45 am - 10:45 am - Astrology Session

10:45 am - 11:15 am - Coffee, Chai, and Samosa Break

11:15 am - 1:00 pm - Astrology Session

1:00 pm - Lunch Buffet.

** Afternoons will primarily be free after lunch, sometimes for organized group activities, Ayurvedic treatments, yoga classes, massages, shopping, or whatever individuals choose to do. And on some days we will adjust the hours to fit the activity. Nothing is mandatory, except for listening to yourself and acting accordingly. A large part of this journey to India will be the experience of this amazing and exotic land itself.

Excursions are included in the "package" prices, and available to tuition only students for a per activity price. More details will be posted and sent to all attendees closer to the workshop dates.

Because many participants are restricted as to their time in India, and also because this workshop does involve some travel, we will have a couple of days off midway through our time.

Evenings Free

Daily Yoga Classes and Ayurvedic treatments are available at Bhakti Kutir - to be paid for individually.

Please stay somewhat flexible around scheduling, much will depend on the group dynamic, while at the same time respecting individual needs.


  • Jan 14, Sunday - Arrival and settling in. No breakfast or lunch at Bhakti Kutir. We will have an evening meeting/orientation if everyone has arrived by a reasonable time.

We also have a wonderful Kashmiri tailor in the town of Palolem, who has made custom clothes for every group we have had to date. If you have something you would like to have made we can take a trip down to meet him today. Please bring photos or any piece of clothing you would like copied.

  • Jan 15, Monday - Class, lunch, free afternoon.
  • Jan 17, Wednesday - Class, lunch, free afternoon.
  • Jan 19, Friday - Class, lunch, free afternoon.
  • Jan 20, Saturday - Free Day. This evening we will take a sleeper bus or train to another state, Karnataka. To the wonderful ancient city of Hampi. Lunch is not included today.

We will be staying at Gowri Resort, a well-managed, simple hotel set in a stunning location. We have rented this whole facility for both classes and accommodations. The restaurant is excellent, and from here we will be able to explore all different aspects of this fascinating area.



  • Jan 21, Sunday - This will be another Free Day, to recover and familiarise ourselves with the area. Students will have many choices about how to spend the day, from relaxation, to shopping, to taking personal reconnaisance trips to the places we will be exploring as a group, and with a guide, over the next few days. Lunch is not included today.

The usual mode of transport in the area is a tuk tuk, and they are very reasonably priced.



Others may choose to rent a scooter... only advised if you have previous experience riding one. There is not much traffic in the area, and there is much to see, so it is a fun thing to do.

Make sure you have an International driver's license, (easily acquired in most countries), if this might appeal to you.



  • Jan 22, Monday - Today we will have a guided tour of Hampi. Lunch is not included today.
  • Jan 23, Tuesday - Class, lunch. Optional afternoon inclusive trip to the Hanuman Temple where legend has it the monkey god was born.
  • Jan 24, Wednesday - Class, lunch. Optional afternoon inclusive trip to the Lakshmi and Durga Temples.
  • Jan 25, Thursday - Class, lunch. Optional afternoon inclusive river trip in traditional coracle boats.
  • Closing and Farewell Dinner. As a group we will decide where to have this, and it will be paid for individually



  • Jan 26, Friday - Departure



Prices are in US Dollars - Currency Conversion

Please note: prices subject to change without prior notice. If you have made a deposit we will honour the price you signed up for.

$2,550 USD - This package includes full accommodation, probably shared. Until we know our final numbers we cannot give any single occupancy places, as we have a limited number of rooms at both locations.

The above image is of two students who came to India in 2016, one from Turkey, the other from the USA, and they were room-mates never having met before. By the end of the workshop they were inseparable best friends. Just saying...

If any single rooms become available, to be fair they will be given on a 1st sign-up basis.

Full Attendance includes:

  • Approximately 4 hours a day of tuition with Caroline Casey for 8 days.
  • Accommodation for 13 nights.
  • 12 breakfasts, 8 mid-morning refreshments, 8 lunches.
  • Turtle beach boat trip & fresh fish lunch.
  • Spice farm tour with lunch included.
  • Tour of Hampi including all entrance fees, with a professional guide.
  • Trips & all transportation to the various ancient temples of Kishkinda.
  • River trip in traditional woven coracle boats.
  • Arrival ground transfers in Goa, if within 3 days of the workshop beginning.
  • Transportation to Hampi.
  • Train or bus back to Goa from Hampi.

We are of course fully available to assist with all of your arrangements.

Tuition Only Option - $1,800 - Classroom time only with Caroline, and includes no accommodations, meals, travel, or extra-curricular activities. We offer this primarily for those who require more exclusive accommodations and/or are travelling completely independently. This journey includes many different trips and is best experienced with the Full Attendance package. Please contact us directly regarding the Tuition Only option.


Registration & Payment

Travel Plans


**All inclusive activities are optional and non-transferable, and there will be no substitutions or refunds for non-participation. Thank you for understanding.**

Airfares are not included.

Workshop participation cannot be confirmed without a deposit, no exceptions.

Cancellation Policies - Please Read Carefully before Booking
(We've been left at the altar before, so we have some trust issues!)

For ALL cancellations more than 75 days before a workshop there is a $500 cancellation fee.

For ALL cancellations 0 - 75 days before a workshop, the fee is 100% of the workshop package price.

If a situation arises where a workshop has to be cancelled, 100% of monies received will be refunded.

We require that all participants have travel/health insurance for this workshop. Participation requires physical proof of coverage. We usually use World Nomads. There are however many reputable companies to choose from, so we advise all participants to shop around.