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Dr. Benjamin Dykes is a leading translator, teacher, and practitioner in traditional astrology. He earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he taught undergraduate courses in ancient philosophy and ethics, focusing on the ethics and worldview of Aristotle and the Stoics. He has taught philosophy in both Illinois and at Mankato State University. He earned his medieval astrology qualification (DMA) from Robert Zoller, and has a strong background in the Western mystery tradition of Qabalism and ceremonial magic (primarily in the Golden Dawn).

Benjamin began translating medieval texts in 2004, and in 2007 produced the first modern translation of Guido Bonatti’s 13th Century The Book of Astronomy, followed in 2008 by Works of Sahl & Masha’allah. Since then, he has been a prolific translator and publisher, designing and publishing the Essential Medieval Astrologyseries: works of the Persian and Arabic-speaking medieval astrologers in all branches of traditional practice. In 2009-10 he published the natal series, Persian Nativities; in 2011, the series on horary or questions: Hermann of Carinthia’s compendium, The Search of the Heart, al-Kindi’s The Forty Chapters, and The Book of the Nine Judges. In 2012 he completed Choices & Inceptions: Traditional Electional Astrology, and will begin releasing the mundane series: Astrology of the World.

Benjamin strongly believes that in order to understand and practice traditional astrology, one must try to enter into and adopt some of the worldviews which animated traditional practice. This can mean suspending some modern articles of faith and using ancient wisdom teachings to expand our notions of happiness and our place within the universe. His background in ancient thought and ethics is of great help in seeing the strengths of traditional views, and how they can be used in a modern setting. As part of this goal, he has been producing the Logos & Light audio series, lectures in traditional and esoteric philosophy for astrologers and occultists.

Dr. Dykes regularly teaches traditional astrology and thought to audiences around the world.





Traditional Astrology for Today: An Introduction

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Introductions to Traditional Astrology: Abu Ma’shar & al-Qabisi

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